A full time Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is assigned to provide services to students in the North East School District.

Students are referred for a speech or language screen by their classroom teacher or parent. Screening results may warrant a more formal assessment at which point the SLP communicates this information to the student’s parent(s) and teacher.

The recommendation for a formal assessment is sent to the parents or guardians.  With their permission, the SLP completes an evaluation.  The results are reviewed with a team consisting of parents/guardians, teachers, LEA or Principal and the SLP. If the student demonstrates with a qualifying developmental speech and/or language delay and the team agrees, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is written and a support program is put into place that is reviewed annually.  Progress reports towards student IEP goals are sent home with report cards quarterly.

The Speech-Language Pathologist also serves on the Case Management Team, an early intervention service.  The team meets weekly to discuss and provide services for children and family in need.

Speech & Language

Megan Sebald, Speech Therapist (814)725-8671 ext. 3022


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