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How to Take Care of Your Health ...

  1. Eat a good breakfast
  2. Limit sugar intake
  3. Drink water
  4. Get plenty of rest
  5. Be involved with school activities
  6. Exercise

District Health Services

The purpose of the school health program in North East is to provide the means for our children to be in a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being. Parents have the basic responsibility for the health of their children, but the school’s concomitant role is to help parents recognize and carry out their responsibility.

The health needs of school children have dramatically changed in recent years. Many challenges are faced daily in today’s health setting. More and more students now come to school acutely and chronically ill, with serious emotional troubles, and with special healthcare needs.

Health Service Goals

  1. Appraisal of the health status of students and school personnel
  2. Assisting in the identification, education and healthcare of special needs students
  3. Counseling students, parents and staff concerning any health problem
  4.  Preventing and controlling communicable diseases
  5. Encouraging the correction of remedial defects
  6. Providing emergency care for Sudden illness and injury that occur while under the school’s jurisdiction
  7. Administering medications according to district policy
  8. Referring to and collaborating with community agencies
  9. Assisting in the planning for and providing health education
  10. Advocating for the complete health of our children

Health Services Include

  1. Immunization record review and maintenance
  2. Annual vision screening grades k-12
  3. Annual height/weight measurement grades k-12
  4. Annual hearing screening grades k,1,2,3,7,11 and special education students
  5. Blood pressure checked on all students grades 6-12  
  6. Dental exams are provided for grades k, 3, 7
  7. Medical exams are provided for grades k, 6, 11
  8. Scoliosis screening done in grades 6 and 7
  9. Assisting with obtaining health insurance for uninsured children through the CHIPS program

The health room nurses are always open to parents who have a concern or a problem. Feel free to drop by the school to talk or you can reach us by phone.

Medication Procedures

Students requiring medication during the school day should immediately secure proper forms from the school office, which will authorize the school nurse, building principal, and/or his/her designee to give the medication. This is the only way in which the school nurse or building principal can legally give medicine to students. The forms (Form I and Form II) are completed by the family physician and the parent/guardian. A Notary Public's seal is required. This service is available in the School Administration Office and provided free of charge to families of school age children.


Please CLICK HERE information about immunizations.

Karen Bergamasco, MS/HS  Nurse

(814)725-8671 ext. 1014


Kiersten Lawrence, Elem. Ct. Nurse

(814)725-8671 ext. 3012


Tracy Neff, Medical Assistant

(814)725-8671 ext. 2014


District Health Contacts


Student Medication Form

Dental Application - Online

Dental Examination Form (H514.027

Physical Examination Form (H511.336)

Chronic Condition Form

Health Room Student Information Form

Tdap Information