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“Educating Students in the Heart of Grape Country.”

May 29 - Memorial Day / School Closed 


“The energy and passion that our Middle School student share on a daily basis is contagious - I love it! I genuinely  look forward to each day because interacting with our kiddos is always a rewarding adventure.”
Mr. Nate Otis

8th Grade Social Studies

“The Middle School Staff  at NEMS works diligently  on a daily basis to challenge  students in becoming the  best version of themselves,  Academically and personally.”  Ms. Timea Kardos 6th Grade Math

“Middle School age is such a transition time for the students. The administration and teaching staff impress me with the structure and opportunities that are made available to the  students to help them though this time. My son has enjoyed the explore program. He often talks about how he and his classmates enjoy trying new things and often find that they have abilities in these areas that they didn't realize before.”

Corey Hansen, Parent

We are happy to have you as a member of this wonderful learning community. You will have many opportunities to grow and learn at the North East Middle School and we look forward to working together with you and your family to provide a positive learning experience. You will be given the opportunity to develop positive relationships with the middle school students and the staff. We encourage you to become an active member of school. We wish you happiness and success in the coming school year and in the future.

The diversity of the middle school student is well documented. Students come in all shapes and sizes. The middle school student will experience rapid growth and change intellectually, emotionally, socially as well as physically. The student population at any one grade level may be of the same age but vastly different from one another. The North East Middle School provides a positive environment for students to transition from childhood to adolescence.

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(814)725-8671 ext. 2000


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