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May 29 - Memorial Day / School Closed 
NEHS Guidance Team

All NEHS transcript requests are handled by Ms. Kirsch. Current students are required to complete a transcript request form. Former students please email Ms. Kirsch.


Ms. Chrissy Kirsch, Guidance Secretary

(814)725-8671 ext. 1006

Ms. Dawn Coletta - Erie County Technical School, Cyber, Dual Enrollment and Learning Support, (IEP/GIEP)


Dawn Coletta, Guidance Counselor

(814)725-8671 ext. 1008 ​

Mr. Matt Puskar,School Counselor

(814)725-8671 ext. 1005

Mr. Matt Puskar

NEHS Freshman & Juniors

Ms. Laura Panek, School Counselor

(814)725-8671 ext. 1015

MS. Laura Panek

NEHS Sophomores & Seniors

Guidance Links


Student Career Exploration

Email Guidance Secretary for Transcripts

Student Assistance Team - (NEST)

Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life.  

How can we help?

Assisting each student in realizing his/her ultimate potential is the goal of the North East High School Guidance Department. The counselors work as part o the educational team in helping each individual assess strengths and limitations, make suitable decisions for life, develop positive attitudes, choose academic courses that are appropriate, solve personal problems, discover talents and abilities, plan for post secondary education, and decide on a possible career.

Who should you contact?

If you are a parent or guardian, and if you have a general counseling question or concern, the most effective way to contact your student’s counselor is via phone or e-mail.  Counselors check their e-mail and phone messages regularly and will generally respond the same day, or within 24 hours. Should you wish to meet with your child’s counselor please call/e-mail to schedule an appointment.

 If you have a question about your child’s grade in a course please contact the teacher directly.  E-mail addresses and phone extensions can be located on the NEHS web site and in the back of the school calendar.

Students who wish to meet with their counselor should choose from the following:

For quick questions and minor concerns stop by before or after school.

For questions or concerns that may take more time to address please stop by the guidance office and request an appointment.  You will be asked when you would like to meet with your counselor – choose the class wisely that you wish to be called from.  You are responsible for whatever instruction or assignment you miss.

Tutorial appointments can be made, but they should be scheduled before homeroom.  

A student who needs immediate attention due to a serious concern can walk-in at any time.





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